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Wo Rasool Allah

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Wo Rasool Allah is a beautiful naat. It is recited by zahid. Here you can download this track. You can read lyircs


zahid is a famous male naat reciter. He belongs from Pakistan. He is the one of Top Sana Khan e Mustafa PBUH. He has recited many naats, nasheed and Hamd in the parise of Allah Almight and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We have collected 103 tracks in his enchanting voice. Wo Rasool Allah is one of his famous naats.
In this page you can listen his beautiful audio track Wo Rasool Allah. You can download this track free of cost. Wo Rasool Allah lyrics has been written bellow. So, without further ado scroll down and enjoy the beautiful lyrics.

How to Download Wo Rasool Allah Mp3
> Go to Track Actions Section.
>Click on Download Button.
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Wo Rasool Allah Lyrics

Muhammad Usman Al Madani

Wo Rasool Allah: Lyrics in Urdu

Muhammad Usman Al Madani)

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